Chinese Speakers are Chinese learners who choose to speak Chinese.

嗨!我叫 Danyo.

I was born and raised in Canada and spent most of my life training and working as a medical doctor.

But in 2019 I burnt out and quit my job to pursue my passion to learn Mandarin Chinese.

When I arrived in Taiwan I couldn’t say a sentence without freezing up and panicking. Within 6 months I was having hour-long conversations.

Getting conversational in Mandarin changed my life.

It’s helped me travel the world, make lifelong friends, and expand my work opportunities.

I documented my journey on Youtube, in podcasts, and even in livestreams, interviews and presentations, all speaking in Mandarin Chinese.

So I know this method works. Unfortunately, learning Chinese has become too complicated.

That’s why I created the Chinese Speakers newsletter, to help fellow learners avoid the same mistakes as me.

So I will keep it simple and give you everything you need to get conversational, and nothing you don’t.

I’ll send you daily insights and resources to help you start speaking Chinese with confidence.

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I learned Chinese in my 30s and changed my life. Now I help learners speak Chinese with confidence (without years of study). Daily insights read by 3500+ learners.